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The Fishing Trip and Boating Checklist

Leaving Home

Before Leaving the House

  • Fishing License
  • Bait/Corn
  • Tackle Bags
  • Rods
  • Net/Snare/Gaff
  • Downriggers & Balls
  • Tides & Weather
  • Directions
  • Launch Money
  • Chairs
  • Flashlight/Lantern
  • Check Batteries
  • Clothing/Hats/Blankets
  • Ice chests
  • Food/Water
  • Heater
  • Fillet Glove
  • Fuel
Final Check
  • Wheel Chocks Out
  • Trailer Stand Up
  • Check Tires on Truck & Trailer
  • Test Trailer Lights
  • Trailer Hitch Down & Locked
  • Cables/Chains Attached to Truck
  • Bearing Oil Clear & Half Full
  • Unplug Charger
  • Boat Ladder/Step Up

In the Launch Parking Lot

  • Insert Drain Plug
  • Remove Transom Buddy
  • Remove Tie-Downs
  • Prime Gas Line
  • Turn Battery Switch On
  • Connect the Sonar Unit
  • Prepare Ropes
  • Attach Fenders
  • Tail Gate Down
  • Boat Top Up
  • Radio Antenna Up
  • Turn on Power Switches

In the Water

On the Trailer
  • Disconnect Boat from Trailer
  • Trim Motor Down
At the Dock
  • Warm up Motor 3 Minutes
  • Check Motor Pee Stream (Water Pump)
  • Pull Up Fenders


Returning Home

In the Water on the Trailer

  • Trim Motor Up
  • Attach Boat to Trailer

In the Launch Parking Lot

  • Remove Drain Plug
  • Trim Motor Down & Back Up to Drain Water in Lower Unit
  • Add Transom Buddy
  • Add Tie-Downs
  • Connect Bow Safety Chain
  • Tighten Bow Connection
  • Secure Ropes
  • Store Fenders
  • Remove Sonar Unit
  • Antenna Down
  • Boat Top Down
  • Turn off Power Switches & Battery
  • Truck Tail Gate Up

Back at the House

  • Wheel Chocks In
  • Trailer Stand Down
  • Disconnect Trailer Lights/Cables/Chains
  • Trailer Hitch Up & Locked
  • Lock Storage Boxes
  • Cover Boat

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Ever get to  the lake and realize that you forgot your downriggers?  Or the net?  Ever started on your way home only to hear your motor scraping the road?  Well, I've seen or made some of these mistakes myself.  It's not fun to drive 120 miles on your only day off to realize the trip is ruined.  That's why I came up with a checklist that I check once in the garage and one more time when I'm sitting in the truck ready to pull away.  Use my list as a starting point to make your own - you'll be glad that you did.