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San Pablo Bay Sturgeon Fishing

I'm by no means an expert at fishing San Pablo Bay.  The notes on this page were taken from seminars given by Abe and Angelo Cuanang at the Sacramento Internationals Sportsman Exposition.  I hope that they will help you catch a few sturgeon.

  • Use long 10’ to 15’ chain on anchor in bay to avoid drifting
  • Bruce anchor in bay
  • Look for jumper and ease into the area quietly
  • If you don’t see fish move
  • Sturgeon are easily spooked by boat motors
  • On weak tides fish in over 30’ of water
  • On strong tides fish in under 30’ of water
  • When fishing shallow, cast out to the sides – the boat may scare fish
  • Move downstream with a school of fish
  • Stay at each spot for 1.5 hours.  If no fish are spotted, move.
  • Fish hang out downstream of bridge poles and structures
  • Storms will flush sharks and kingfish out of the bay
  • When sturgeon bite, they clean off their food by dredging silt through their gills.  This will cause a shaking bite.
  • Ray bites look like sturgeon bites
  • Don't fish rock bottoms
  • Fish on points, cast into channels
  • Don't fish fast tides when you need over 6 ounces of weight.  Move to a shallower location.
  • On slow or slack tides fish really deep or really shallow
  • On medium current tides, fish mid-depth
  • On fast tides, fish deep
  • Fish don't move around during fast tides - they stay put
  • Use 4 ounces of weight in shallow water
  • Fish deep holes during slow current
  • Big tides are good
  • Negative tides are the best

Mud Shrimp

  • Use Owner 7/O cutting point hooks with mud shrimp.  Use mud on soft bottom.

Grass Shrimp

  • Use on hard bottom